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3spin DREAM is a VR & AR cloud service charged per learner & month, which helps you getting started at low cost and grows only with your success. Licenses are floating and can be switched to new learners each month.

What would you like to do?

Train own staff at scale

I am looking for an easy way to create & distribute VR / AR trainings for our staff

Get help making trainings

I am looking for a partner & tool to help me build a VR / AR training or prototype

Sell trainings to clients

I am looking for a way to easily build and sell VR / AR trainings to our clients

License Calculator

Minimum of 5 licenses.

49.90 / month

  • For 5 licenses
  • And 60 learners

plus € 2.500,- one-time onboarding

Get an individual quote

For over 1,000 licenses we can offer you individual, even more affordable conditions. Please feel free to contact us.


* You want to train 60 people, each of whom learns once every year. You only need 5 licenses. Licenses may be switched between learners monthly (“floating”).

License Pricing

Licenses may be switched between learners monthly. With 10 licenses you can train 120 persons per year!


For government-recognized
educational institutions


For mid-sized businesses,
enterprises & agencies


prices apply to the respective scale


per user & month (floating)


per user & month (floating)

Learners 5 - 10 Education € 24.50 Enterprise € 49.90
Regular: € 69.90
Learners 11 - 25 Education € 21.00 Enterprise € 42.90
Regular: € 59.90
Learners 26 - 50 Education € 17.50 Enterprise € 34.90
Regular: € 49.90
Learners 51 - 100 Education € 13.30 Enterprise € 27.90
Regular: € 37.90
Learners 101 - 500 Education € 10.50 Enterprise € 21.90
Regular: € 29.90
Learners 501 - 1,000 Education € 7.50 Enterprise € 14.90
Regular: € 19.90
Learners over 1,000

Special conditions. Please get in touch.

Education Enterprise

Special Offer


Set-up fee

890 € one-time

As part of the “Early Access“ program, we waive this fee


Author license

€ 2,490 / year

Create & manage an unlimited number of trainings for € 0.-



€ 24.50 per learner / month


€ 49.90 per learner / month
360°, Virtual & Augmented Reality Education Enterprise
Demo Trainings included Education Enterprise
Training Authoring Education Enterprise
Unlimited Trainings Education Enterprise
Cloud Distribution Education Enterprise
2D Asset Upload Education Enterprise
3D Asset Upload Education Enterprise
User Minimum Education First year 5, then 10 users Enterprise 5
Unlimited Learners Education Enterprise
Unlimited Authors Education Enterprise
User Management Education Enterprise
Floating licenses Education Enterprise
Online Multi-User Trainings Education Enterprise
Asset & Training Export Education - Enterprise
Active Directory Users Education - Enterprise Upon request
LMS Integration Education - Enterprise Upon request
On-Premise Installation Education - Enterprise Upon request
Storage Education 10 GB Enterprise 100 GB
Support Education 9 - 5 by e-mail Enterprise 9 - 5 by phone


We help you getting started with VR & AR in your company or organization. With our internal team and with certified agency partners we help you build fast prototypes, full trainings or enable you and your co-workers to create trainings themselves with 3spin DREAM, our learning platform.

Workshop, Licenses & Support

  • Half day workshop
  • Introduction to VR & AR
  • Get to know 3spin DREAM
  • 5 licenses for 12 months
  • 6 months premium support
On site & online options


  • Full day workshop
  • Introduction to VR & AR
  • Definition of the prototype
  • Business case calculation
  • Preparation of a management presentation
  • Creation of the prototype by 3spin or one of our certified partners within one week
  • 5 licenses for 12 months
  • 6 months premium support

The prototype can easily be used as a basis for a full training later.

On site & online options

Full Training

Together with you, one of our certified agency partners will create a cost-effective VR / AR training in 3spin DREAM.

Through 3spin DREAM you will be able to make changes to your training anytime and you can easily distribute it to all your employees – unlike with most individually programmed apps.

Become a partner

Our mission is to enable anyone to create and sell VR & AR trainings with 3spin DREAM. To achieve this, we are looking for great partners who share our passion for immersive learning. Would you like to join us?


For agencies

  • You would like to create a VR / AR training course for a customer who already has 3spin DREAM? Then you don't need to buy licenses. Just work directly in the client instance.
  • You want to create learning courses in 3spin DREAM without a customer? Then book our package above ("Workshop, Licenses & Support"). By the way, you may have as many authors and create as many courses as you like.

For training sellers

You do not create trainings as an individual order, but sell standardized trainings to companies?

Then your customers do not need to purchase 3spin DREAM licenses. Instead, you can define fixed prices for your trainings. Contact us to discuss details.


For resellers & agents

You would like to recommend 3spin DREAM to enterprises, universities or agencies?

We offer special reduced license prices and commissions on licenses and services.


Frequently asked questions for pricing

How does 3spin DREAM pricing work?

“3spin DREAM” is software as a service. 3spin DREAM is charged per learner & month and grows with your success. Licenses are floating and can be switched to new learners each month – with 10 licenses you can train up to 120 employees per year. To help you start fast and cheap, we charge no setup costs and no costs for training authors.

I want to build trainings for a client. Do I need licenses?

If your client already has “3spin DREAM” licenses, you do not need to buy licenses as an agency. Just build your training directly in the cloud instance of your client.

Our staff only learns once per year / term / quarter. Does everyone need their own license?

No. Licenses are floating and can be switched to new learners each month – with 10 licenses you can train up to 120 employees per year.

Can I try 3spin DREAM for free?

Yes, during a personal demo (via video conference) we will introduce 3spin DREAM to you free of charge and if you are interested you may also participate in a training session yourself. If you like the platform and want to continue working with it yourself, we offer an introductory package (see above "Workshop, Licenses & Support"). This already contains 3 sample training courses. You can edit the courses, create new training courses with the included assets and upload your own assets like images and sounds. Book a demo.

Who qualifies for “Education” licenses?

Education licenses are discounted licenses meant for government-recognized educational institutions such as schools and universities.

What will my 3spin DREAM subscription cost?

To see exactly how much your subscription would cost, please use our license calculator .

What payment options do you accept?

Your annual subscriptions can be payed by bank transfer.

I would like to become a 3spin DREAM reseller. What do I need to do?

We would be happy to discuss reselling and brokerage options with you. Please get in touch .

I would like to be recommended by 3spin as a training creation partner. What do I need to do?

We are always looking for excellent partners to work with. Please reach out to us , to discuss details.

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We are currently in our ‘early access’ beta program with a high number of requests.

Each 3spin DREAM trial comes with basic support and runs in a dedicated cloud instance both of which we provide free of charge (but cause costs on our side) – Therefore, we can only provide a very limited number of trials.

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